Salad Creations Canada Featured in THE WOMEN’S POST MAGAZINE

Magazine Story: Our Client Brenda Bot, President Of Salad Creations Canada was Named Woman of  The Week by Women’s Post Magazine

Woman of the Week, December 7, 2009: Brenda Bot

by Aleksandra Hernandez


“She’s been training for this job since she was four,” says the proud mother of Brenda Bot, while watching her daughter and crew work. Bot is the Master Developer and President of Salad Creations Canada and she was busy getting the new location ready for it’s VIP opening event.

Bot walked up the red carpet with her hair in a fabulous up-do, dressed in a chain detailed halter top and billowy pants– a complete contrast to the bright new Salad Creations location. Decorated using vibrant greens and yellows – with a tomato wearing sunglasses motif, Salad Creations offered up a fun and sophisticated environment for guests looking for healthier food alternatives.

A recent convert to a healthier lifestyle, Bot has adapted a whole new way of thinking. “I had been overweight for years and one day I decided enough was enough,” says Bot. She turned to a healthier lifestyle and this meant more salad and greens in her diet.

The idea to open Salad Creations in Canada was born during a trip to Florida, where Bot’s 24-year-old daughter, Jenna, first saw the restaurant in action. Jenna enthusiastically described the concept to her mother.

“When dining out, everywhere I went had limited healthy options to choose from. How refreshing it was that at Salad Creations, I could make up my own salad and still stay on my plan of losing weight,” says Bot. “I lost about 140 pounds and haven’t looked back since.”

Bot saw a business opportunity and revamped the US concept to cater to what she believes is a more health conscious demographic in Canada.

“It’s sweeter in the US. Americans like fountain drinks. Canadians prefer juice, Perrier, water, but we also carry some pop,” says Bot. “Food costs are also higher in Canada, especially our cheese and poultry. The smaller portions of cheese reflect a more health conscious Canadian demographic.”

I took a moment to look around, to get a good feel for the restaurant, and it quickly became apparent that the fresh, fast, high-energy concept offers a perfect alternative to the standard fast food restaurants available in Canada.

“I would love to bring Salad Creations to Sudbury, my home town. And when I do, they’ll be some changes. I want the restaurant to be more of a sit-down place, better suited to the slower pace of a small town,” admits Bot.

“A lot of children are obese. I want them to come in here and teach them about healthier eating choices. I want to educate kids on healthy eating habits,” says a determined Ms. Bot, as she handed me a cookie lollipop of a happy tomato wearing sunglasses.

In fact, everything about Salad Creations spells healthy and fun, including last years’ Reindeer salads named after all the reindeer and Santa Claus. “Children don’t know they are eating a salad!” remarks Bot who by this point had warmed up plenty of giggles.

The focus since then has been to offer a Salad Creations experience to guests. “Music, free Internet, daily newspapers, daily magazines,” says Bot. “I want to offer our guests a place where they can have some quiet time – some time to themselves,”

Bot may not be on the heavy side anymore, but her 547-pound Suzuki C50T motorcycle sure is. “That’s how I do stress. I like to do simple things like ride up North, to the woods. I have a pink helmet and pink jacket – I’m definitely not one of those tough biker chicks.”