Salad Creations Canada Featured In THE WOMEN”S POST MAGAZINE

Magazine Story: Our Client Salad Creations Canada was featured in the Women’s Post Magazine

The Best I’ve EVER had….

March 3, 2010 – 2:16pm — by Solange des Vignes

…best salad that is…

I was asked to go on assignment to the 1-year anniversary of the flagship store for Salad Creations. I was excited because I have only recently become a salad lover. I’ll admit I prefer to make my own salads because I tend to like some pretty weird combinations. I will be writing a formal article on the business that is Salad Creations and the fabulous lady behind it: Brenda Bot but I couldn’t resist a blog post about how great I think this idea is.

I love love love the concept and I love Brenda Bot even more. She was so bubbly, outgoing and so easy to talk to. After my interview she MADE me get any salad of my choice. 4 pm on a Thursday afternoon and having skipped lunch, don’t mind if I do.

I started by getting iceberg lettuce and please don’t judge my choice in toppings! Chickpeas, green onions, red onions, feta cheese, goat cheese and the biggest avocadoes I have ever seen in Toronto. YUM! My obvious choice of protein: Salmon. With some breadsticks and a vinaigrette to top things off. I must admit I was so excited to taste my ‘creation’ that I saved it until I was home, in my pajamas waiting for Oprah to start. It was delicious! I could not eat it all in one sitting so I had enough for dinnertime where I made a small soup to round it all off.

Salad Creations has locations at 433 Yonge Street (flagship store), 150 King Street West, Brampton and Erin Mills with seven more locations in the making.

I generally do not enjoy eating healthy because everything seems tasteless and I’m always left feeling hungrier than before I ate the rabbit food. For some reason, these salads don’t feel like I’m eating healthy. After a long day at work, treating yourself to one of these delectable salads is my idea of a mood lifter. They also have wraps, soups and yogurts if you don’t take my word for it and you’re still worried that you’re not going to get your fill.

Thanks again Brenda!