Salad Creations Canada Featured In THE WOMEN”S POST MAGAZINE

Magazine Story: Our Client Salad Creations Canada was featured in Women’s Post Magazine

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Greener Than Your Salad

Being “green” implies a commitment to the environment. The term suggests an added effort towards ecologically friendly or sustainable practices. Unfortunately, because of the trend towards this shift in operations, many businesses have gone through “greenwashing,” portraying themselves to be environmentally friendly by simply using the secondary colour as an adjective in their marketing ploys. This is why it is so important to actually look into a company’s operations and practices, and judge whether or not they truly are green.

Salad Creations is a newer entry to the Canadian Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) scene. And as Brenda Bot, president of Salad Creations Canada, puts it, “our mission statement is to be environmentally friendly.” I met with Bot on a chilly winter day at the 437 Yonge Street Salad Creations location. Upon entry, I was immediately struck by the vibe of the bright and chic restaurant. Rich ochre booth backings, vibrant green walls, immaculate stainless steel, haute moderne chairs…

“Every component is recyclable,” says the chipper and confident Bot. “Our build-outs can all be used as aggregates in sustainable efforts.” From the tiles to the whitewashed exposed brick, Bot and her team made a conscious effort from the launch of her franchises to be as (actually) green as possible, ensuring the materials used can all have a secondary life, able to be reincarnated into other forms.

“We all have to be responsible; everyone needs to do their part,” says Bot. What struck me was Bot’s enthusiasm and her commitment to this principle. She speaks about the environmental aspect of her company with the same gusto Roger Ebert exudes while waxing poetic about the year’s top films. Every detail has been analyzed, and if she and her team are able to turn a process more environmental, Bot does not hesitate to implement.

“We don’t need to sacrifice in order to be environmentally conscious,” says the radiant redhead, pointing out that the Salad Creations “experience” includes dining with stainless steel cutlery and reusable bowls. “People applaud our efforts. They appreciate what we are trying to do with our restaurants.”

Salad Creations is currently expanding across the GTA, with plans of nationwide distribution within the next couple years. The chain is also becoming a part of Healthwatch, and will soon be a licensee. Bot sees this as another commitment to her clientele that ensures her restaurants fulfill the need to be transparent about the ingredients in their dishes in order to provide the best possible choices for diners. I applaud Bot and her team for their accomplishments, and have finally found a QSR that goes the extra green mile.

Check out Salad Creations for more information about their endeavours.