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netTALK helps users cut traditional landline phone services

You cut your cable, now cut your phone line

The NetTALK Duo WiFi is a decent alternative to traditional phoneline services.
The NetTALK Duo WiFi is a decent alternative to traditional phoneline services. Photo: Handout/NetTALK

Published: April 11, 2013, 5:24 pm
Updated: 21 hours ago

In an era where many young adults are opting to not have traditional landline phones and instead are using smartphones, the netTALK Duo and netTalk Duo WiFi is a hard sell.

For for older people who just can’t fathom the thought of not having a landline anymore, netTALK’s system seems like a viable and very cost effective solution.

The netTalk Duo Wi-Fi voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system turns your internet connection into a phone line. It includes a free Canadian phone number but people who are unwilling to part with their beloved landline number, can transfer it to the service as well.

It also includes one free year of service but after that, it costs $39.95 a year to use netTalk. Still, this is significantly cheaper than the cost of a traditional landline. It can be hooked up to any standard telephone and connects directly to your internet in three ways; either through a router, computer or anywhere with a WiFi connection. The standard netTALK Duo model obviously isn’t compatible with wireless internet signals.

Cutting phone line

Cut that landline with NetTALK.

Call Waiting, caller ID, call forwarding and even voicemail is surprisingly included with netTALK for free. International calls cost an extra $10 a month but calls are free to anywhere in Canada or the U.S. Calls between two netTALK numbers are free.

Interestingly, netTalk also offers a $40 a year texting plan that allows you to send texts from your Duo phone number using a free iOS and Android app. I didn’t try this particular feature out during my time with netTALK but it definitely sounds enticing.

Setup of the service is reasonably simple and involves plugging a phone port into one end of the Duo and your Ethernet cable into the other. A micro USB connector powers the device. Reading the manual and following its set-up instructions does wonders towards making its setup process easier.

A small card with login information gives the owner a user name and password to start off with as well as an activation portal to set the service up. Call quality wise, I found voice quality to be clear and I didn’t run into any significant issues. Of course, a downside to cutting your standard landline is the fact that if your internet goes down, so does your phone line.

Voice quality is also dependent on your internet speed, so if you have downloads running or are playing video games online, I heard a small dip in sound quality.

While I’d rather use Skype or Google voice for my voip purposes, people who aren’t very tech savvy and who are tied to the idea of always having a service that resembles a landline, will find a lot to like about netTALK.

The netTALK DUO Wi-Fi sells for $74.95 and the standard netTALK duo sells for $59.99.