GoldieBlox inspires girls in Engineering.

BLOG STORY:  Our client, Debbie Sterling was featured in a story about her new engineering toy for girls called GOLDIEBLOX.

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A cool construction toy—for girls!

By on October 2, 2012 in Toys

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Wander the aisles of any toy store and you will see dozens of construction toys..all aimed at boys..that may be why more than 90% of engineers in the US are men. San Francisco-based entrepreneur Debbie Sterling wants to change all that. She obtained her engineering degree from  Stanford where she was one of 181 women in a class of nearly 700. The result is GoldieBlox to inspire girls the way Legos and Erector sets have inspired boys, for over 100 years, to develop an early interest and skill set in engineering. Debbie says “It’s time to motivate our girls to help build our future.”

The GoldieBlox book+toy series:

  • Stars “Goldie Blox,” the girl engineer character who builds simple machines to solve problems and help her friends.
  • Allows girls to build along with Goldie using the construction toy set.
  • Introduces new engineering principles with each story, including lessons around wheels and axles, pulleys, force and friction.
  • Includes construction pieces that will be inter-compatible from set to set, leaving room for endless creative play.
  • Will also be available as e-book downloads for iPad and iPhone with narration and animation to enhance the building experience.

Like a lot of entrepreneurs Debbie turned to KickStarter to find financing for her idea

Download Video:

Her initial goal of  $150,000..she reached her objective in less than two weeks so Stirling has set an extended goal of $400,000 in order to be able to produce the next two in what she hopes will be come a series.  Goldie’s stories will also be available as free e-book downloads for iPhone and iPad with narration, animation and tutorial videos.

I think it is a cool idea so I kicked in $30 for which I will receive one of the first copies. This is not my first experience with crowdfunding..I think it is a fun way to get in on the ground floor of some really interesting products..with fairly minimal risk. Check out Debbie’s KickStart the fine print..and if you like the idea invest. I think you will find, as I have it is a fun experience and you will have the satisfaction of helping an entrepreneur and be in on the ground floor of a new product. Let me know what you think.