4Refuel Canada featured in THE LANGLEY ADVANCE

Our client, Jack Lee, CEO of 4Refuel Canada discussed how the company helped his clients reduce their Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) by by 100 million kilograms!!

Eco-friendly milestone marked

By Bethany Meckelburg, Langley Advance October 15, 2010
Jack Lee started 4Refuel in 1995, and has become Canada’s largest provider of onsite biodiesel.

Jack Lee started 4Refuel in 1995, and has become Canada’s largest provider of onsite biodiesel.

Green can be easy.

And no one knows it better than 4Refuel, an onsite refueling and fuel management company.

This year, the company celebrated a reduction of millions of kilograms of greenhouse gases.

“We just wanted to help our clients reduce their fuel costs,” said Jack Lee, president of 4Refuel, “but we’ve ended up helping them reduce their GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions by 100 million kilograms, too.”

A press release from earlier this year stated that according to the Government of Canada Department of Transport, 2.7 kilograms in greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere for every litre of diesel fuel burned.

“If I don’t deliver fuel to your vehicles overnight, your vehicles are burning fuel during the work day to go get it,” Lee said.

“We have a number of customers that think ‘green’ is very important,” he continued. “Local municipalities are very keen.”

And 4Refuel wants to make it easy for them to manage their fuel and see how they are making a positive difference. This led them to create the Fuel Management Online (FMO) program which allows businesses to monitor the amount of GHG emissions they’ve saved.

“FMO gives our clients the information they need to react to any situation where fuel is being wasted, so they can step in and pull the operating unit in for service. Without that operating and emissions data, the problem will go unnoticed, fuel is wasted for weeks, even months and the costs to the environment grow day to day,” Lee said.

He started the company in 1995, and modeled it after a business concept he had heard about while living in Australia.

“Australia and Canada are very similar so I thought it would work well,” Lee explained.

Now the company can be found from coast to coast in almost every major city where they manage more than 3,000 litres of fuel yearly. 4Refuel is hoping to expand throughout the United States in the next five years as well.

It is currently Canada’s largest provider of onsite biodiesel and the world’s only provider of online fuel reporting and mobile fuel logistics.

For more information about 4Refuel, visit www.4refuel.com.