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Wire Story: Our client  Fast Track To Cash Flow was interviewed about the Canadian Luge Team $1,000.000 performance bonus they can possibly win at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Canada Luge Gold Worth One Million


WHISTLER, Canada — Canada’s luge team were salivating Tuesday after news that their team sponsor has offered one million dollars to anyone winning gold at the Winter Olympics.

Fast Track Group, which bills itself as a financial education specialist, said the cash would be split between the champion luger and the Canadian Luge Association.

It is also offering 50,000 dollars for a silver and a bronze and 5,000 dollars for the top Canadian in men’s and women’s singles and doubles.

It is a remarkable turnaround in fortunes for a team that at one point was so strapped for cash that players competed with “for sale” signs on their helmets.

A medal though is seen as an outside chance, with sliders Alex Gough and Sam Edney considered as the best shots to hit the jackpot.

“It’s a huge, huge deal for us to have that kind of support,” said Gough, who finished fourth at the 2009 World Championships.

Regan Lauscher said the cash bonus was a dream come true and she is already thinking about what to spend it on.

“It feels really good knowing that someone supports you, that someone really wants you to do well,” she said.

“I would definitely buy another motorcycle like the one that I had stolen in 2003. It was a Honda CBR 600 and it got stolen in front of my house.”

The luge competition starts on Saturday.