Fraser Valley Beltone’s Scott Hyde Donates A Hearing Aid !

NEWSPAPER STORY: Our client Beltone Canada and Scott Hyde of Fraser Valley Beltone were featured in a story  in the Langley Advance about  Scott’s act of kindness and good deed to donate a hearing aid to Langley BC resident Art Paley who lost his in a fire  in April, 11,  2017.


Donated hearing aid replaces one lost in fire

A Langley man received a new hearing aid after surviving the Birch building fire.

Thu May 11th, 2017

A Langley man who lost his hearing aids – and almost his life – in an apartment fire received a donated new device Thursday.

Art Paley, 68, lived on the third floor of the Birch building in Langley City.

The fire alarms didn’t wake the hard-of-hearing Paley up, and he found his apartment full of smoke when he finally noticed the fire.

Paley lived across the hall from the unit where the fire started, and where his neighbour lost his life. Paley managed to get into the hallway, where he encountered firefighters. They led him outside. He later collapsed from smoke inhalation and needed emergency medical help, waking up in the hospital.

Among the items Paley lost to the fire, smoke, and water damage to the apartment was his right hearing aid. Paley was distraught because he had barely been able to afford the hearing aids five years ago.

Scott Hyde, owner of the Fraser Valley Beltone in Langley, heard about Paley’s story and donated a brand-new hearing aid to replace the lost one.

 “You have no idea how nice that will be,” said Paley.

 “Art Paley’s story is amazing,” said Hyde. “We all have amazing stories. It’s so nice to help someone out in need.”