Spend Time With The Family And Get Rewarded Along The Way! New App Promotes Family Togetherness


Boca Raton, FL – The world is incredibly fast paced.  Technology, work, meetings, kids appointments, a million commitments.  It’s endless. Spending time with family seems to have totally disappeared.

Enter FamClub, www.myfamclub.com a new interactive app that promotes and rewards family togetherness.  It is available on Android and IOS devices for the whole family.

Unlike traditional calendars and scheduling programs, FamClub monitors your whole family’s goal progress in real time and is designed to support participation from every family member!  Families can even leave one another notes and tie goals to a monetary amount to manage allowances.

Every month, families set goals for each other and update their progress within the app.  At the end of the month, if they’ve signed up for a premium membership, they will automatically receive a monthly reward box with prizes for each member of the family. Each box is unique, and each month brings a new theme like outdoor play, health and fitness, family kitchen time and more.

FamClub was conceived by South Florida resident, and father of two, Jason Bailey.  As CEO of several successful companies with a very full schedule, Bailey knew how important family time is and wanted to help those as busy as himself make time to be together.

“As a father of two, I understand that family time is increasingly hard to come by,” states Bailey.  “Our mission at FamClub is to make it easier for you and your family to connect in this hectic world of school, work, and everything in between. Now, instead of blaming phones and computers for taking you away from one another, we help you harness the technology to work together, play together and grow together as a family!   And what could be better than that?”

FamClub is the only family subscription box for more than one person arriving monthly with items for each member of the family, kids, parents and something for all.  It reimagines family productivity, has custom goal tracking technology and provides a great way to bring families together to spend quality time with one another.